210 is the numerical spelling of our last name, Tuten.


The Tuten's. With their two furry pets they work to improve their home and lifestyle, and share those crafts and gifts with others. Newlywed and looking to continually improve their work through dedication their love for their craft and each other grows every day.


Brett Tuten. Dedicated to the grass roots of woodworking with an electricity-free workshop and a heart made of oak, he uses saw and chisel to manufacture piece after piece. There is nothing more fulfilling than taking a plank and making it into something functional and beautiful, and the end result becoming stronger and longer lasting than anything of the local factory-made crafts.


Karla Tuten. Creative director just outside of Savannah who specializes in visual identity and strategy. In her spare time, she creates budget friendly wedding stationary for her close family and friends. Her current design-bucket-list includes: visual identity for a local restaurant, coffee shop, food truck, and yoga/aerial studio.