Lamar Smith Homes
Art Direction
Logo Design
Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Lamar Smith Homes is a family-owned home building company located in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The goal of this project was to created an identity system that was modern, versatile, cohesive, while also being relatable to our audience and telling the brand's story. #ThisIsHome

Since the implementation of this rebrand & signage program, traffic as increased across multiple mediums:

39% unique website users since the 2017 rebrand. 58% consistently since beginning of 2018. 16% increase in walk-in traffic since the previous year. Steady increase of call-in traffic since the previous year. (Data pulled 4 months after rebrand.)

LSH Brochure
I worked with Michelle Morris Photography, an award-winning photographer located in Richmond Hill, to add additional depth and expand the brand.
With the house in the background, these moments of family and memories were the main focus of our shoot.

"This is more than a house, it's a home."

"We believe in building as if it were for our own family, with the highest standards of excellence and care."